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Payment Solutions for Kids & Teens

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Finally, a payment solution designed to teach kids about money.




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Parental Controlled

Parental controlled and funded, Tappables are safer than any cash, debit or credit card solutions on the market today


Fun & Safe

Tappables are payment solutions that are fun and safe for all ages. 

Tappables do not have any identifying information nor do they store or contain any data or information about your child. 

Tappables are simply tap enabled payment devices that are managed and controlled by a parents mobile device. 

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Set Locations


Parents can specify specific locations where the Tappables are authorized for transactions. 

Any locations not specified will not work. 


Set Rewards 

Tappables allow parents to turn points earned on a number of kids educational sites into currency the kids can use to pay with their Tappable. 

Incentivize learning with financial rewards, while teaching your children the value of money and how to earn it. 

Set a schedule 

Parents can set specific times and schedules that unlock their kids Tappables.


If a Tappable is tapped outside of the specified schedule, the transactions will decline. 


Educational & Inspirational

Parents can allow their kids to earn dollars they can use on their Tappables, by doing homework, household chores, or achieving goals or milestones the parents set.

Fun tools, games and educational exercises can unlock rewards that the parents make available for their children.

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How can they be secure without a PIN?

Tappables are controlled and managed by the Parents mobile app.


Parents set where, when, and how the devices can transact. So unlike cash, credit cards, or debit cards that can be used freely anywhere, tappables can only be used at select locations that only the parents are aware of. 


Parents can select specific time frames, locations and values that restrict where the devices will work when tapped.

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What happens if they lose it or it gets stolen

Parents are in full control of the tappables. At any point a parent can lock the tappable so it is rendered unusable. 

If a parent wants to disconnect the tappable from their account, they simply remove the tappable and it goes back to being a regular keychain, wristband or pin. 

Parents also receive instant notifications of every transaction that happens on their linked tappables. This allows a parent to identify where and when the tappables are being used. 

How It Works


Step 1

Choose Your Tappable

Your kids can choose from a number of different Tappables.


Kids can have more than one Tappable linked to any account. 


Step 2

Download the App

Parents download the Tappables app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


Simply follow the setup to activate your child's Tappable. 

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Step 3

Set Budgets & Restrictions

Parents can load funds or simply link their credit card, and set approved spending budgets.

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