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  • How do I pay with COIN?
    Once you have activated your COIN account, you simply tap your coin to transact at any NFC enabled merchant in the same way you would tap your Credit or Debit card. You will receive notifications and updates after every transaction via your mobile device.
  • Can I link a credit card to my COIN account?
    Yes, all coin accounts allow you to link a credit card, paypal account, or wechat or alipay account as a primary funding source if you choose to. There are additional monthly fees that apply for these added features.
  • What if I lose my COIN?
    No problem. While it always sucks to lose things, your COIN account is both insured and secure. After every transaction that is made, you will recieve a notification text to your mobile device. If you have lost or forgotten your COIN somehwere you can lock it from your mobile account simply by clicking on any text and hitting the "Lock" button. If you have perminantly lost your COIN, you can simply purchase another and your account will instantly be transfered over and the old COIN will no longer work.
  • Can someone steal my money if they have a NFC reader?
    No. For one thing, your COIN account is insured for up to $100, which is the maximum anyone can tap for in Canada without a chip and pin card. So... in the event someone did have a registered NFC reader with an account that was approved by MasterCard or Visa to transact payments and they tapped that device to your COIN, you would receive an instant notification to your mobile phone and the maximum transaction would be for $100. At that point 1) you are covered by the COIN insurance, and 2) You can identify exactly who just tried to tap your COIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if it is lost or stolen?

Parents are in full control of the Tappable.  At any time the parent can lock the Tappable, via the app, so it is rendered unusable.

The parent can simply disconnect the Tappable from the account and it goes back to being a regular keychain, wristband or pin.

Parents also receive instant notifications for every transaction made with the Tappable. This allows parents to know where and when the Tappable is being used.

How can they be secure without a PIN?

Tappables are controlled and managed by the parent's mobile app.

Parents can set where, when, and how the devices can transact. Unlike cash, credit cards or debit cards that can be used freely anywhere, Tappables can only be used at locations the parents are aware of. 

Parents can select specific times, locations and values that restrict where the devices will work when tapped.


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