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About Us

I never thought of myself as a teacher but I found once I became a parent that you become the most influential teacher of all times.  We as parents are responsible for guiding, teaching and fundamentally preparing our kids for this world. 


Money is one of those things that we need to learn how to use but can often be uncomfortable because we might have our own stresses about money. Did your parents talk about money? Who explained to you how you should save or spend and when did the conversation of investing ever come up?   In school we were taught math but nothing about Money.  How do we expect children to come into society and be successful in this area?  That is why we at Tappables are so passionate about the conversation around money for children.  We are on a mission to elevate the consciousness of money by educating, empowering and supporting  parents through technology as the world evolves into a cashless environment.  We are creating new possibilities where money is used as the tool it was intended to be

- a medium of exchange. 

We at Tappables are parents. We are on this journey together and want to take this part off your shoulders.  Help us, help you.  We got you!  We want every child to have freedom from the emotional ties and confusion money can bring - allowing them time and energy to create real social impact.


Our company has created a payment device specifically designed for kids that is educational, innovative, secure and FUN!  It is linked directly to their parents account and guides you through the financial educational framework for all us busy parents.


The world is moving towards a cashless digital system and we want you and your family to be successful with this change. We are here for you to help guide and educate while also having fun along the way.


If you have any questions, comments, want to say hi or you’re an investor who wants to join the ride, feel free to connect with me at



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